Joy Chen is a dynamic keynote speaker for the world’s leading corporations, associations, and colleges and universities.  She speaks on topics ranging from happiness and relationships to the skills needed to succeed in a radically changing economy.  Joy has a special place in the hearts of modern Chinese women thanks to her best-selling book Do Not Marry Before Age 30, a book on finding success, happiness, and love.  Joy delivers her speeches in Mandarin Chinese or English.

In her speeches, Joy shares inspiring stories from her journey from a shy and scared Chinese girl in America to Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, global CEO headhunter and best-selling author and media personality.

Speech Topics

Below is a list of topics on which Joy regularly speaks.  In addition to these topics, Joy is pleased to custom-design speeches for key clients.

An insider’s look into China’s Internet and pop culture

Thanks to the Internet and China’s rush to economic prosperity, China’s youth – the generation born post-1990 – are entirely different from each generation which precedes it.  As a best-selling author and creator of pop media for this generation, Joy brings us up close and personal with this generation. She offers unique insights into the dreams and goals of China’s youth, and shows us how they will change China today and tomorrow.

How to succeed in career and life

Today’s women and men are not just looking for success on the career front.  Those of us who are truly ambitious want to have it al in career and life.  Joy shares with us her own story and draws from the latest scientific research into the surprising ways we all can succeed in all aspects of our lives.

How to find the career of your dreams

Having enjoyed four different dream careers, and having interviewed thousands of the world’s most successful people as a CEO headhunter, Joy has unique insights into careers and how they are made. Joy gives us a fun and practical step-by-step guide to finding our dream career in the 21st century.


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