Joy’s Social-Media Manager

Are you a cutting-edge Social Media Manager ready to deploy all the skills you’ve developed until now to the mission of helping women fighters all around China to achieve their dreams?

Become the new Social Media Manager for global icon JOY 陈愉!


Joy Chen 陈愉Joy Chen is on a mission to help 100 million Chinese women seize their full potential in life. A former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and former CEO headhunter for Fortune 500 companies, Joy has enjoyed four careers across three continents. Her ground-breaking first book, Do Not Marry Before Age 30, is helping a generation of Chinese women become more free and confident. Her second book, How to Get Lucky in Your Career, is a guide to acquiring the lucky breaks you need to pivot into a career of passion and purpose.

Partnering with top brands and digital platforms, Joy makes trailblazing video, print and social-media content to delight and educate modern Chinese women.

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As Joy’s Social Media Manager, you will have full responsibility for planning and executing Joy’s social media presence. To this end, you will continuously:

  • Daily Create: Plan and create innovative content including original text, photos and videos, and sharing content from KOLs, fans, news, etc. Manage our community by engaging with fans. Embody Joy’s fun and powerful voice and tone in every tweet and conversation. Suggest and implement new features such as promotions and competitions.
  • Expand Influence: Find forums, influencers and platforms to work with. Post and comment on relevant platforms. Suggest to Joy’s team partnerships with relevant influencers and support in making and maintaining those partnerships.
  • Monitor Audience: Deeply understand the stated and unstated needs of independent-minded Chinese women, through constant market research and monitoring of their activity across the Internet.
  • Continuously Improve: Stay expert in current trends in social media platforms and technologies. Develop and maintain metrics (KPIs) for Joy’s entire social-media presence, as well as for the reach and engagement of each post. Experiment with and implement new growth strategies and best practices in KOL- and brand- social media. Analyze and evaluate success against KPIs, constantly using analysis to tweak strategy.
  • Collaborate Internally: Within Joy’s team, be the expert on and advocate for Joy’s fans, providing consumer insights to help improve Joy’s upcoming products and helping ensure brand consistency across social-media and product content. Support Joy’s business partnerships as needed.


As Joy’s Social Media Manager, you will report directly to Joy, as well as to Joy’s business manager, Yao Lan, partner of Joy’s management company, Tashanshi. You will work out of Tashanshi’s Beijing headquarters.

Joy’s Social Media Manager is an important role, and if you are the right candidate, you will be amply rewarded, both spiritually and financially.


To succeed as Joy’s Social Media Manager, you must have a proven track record of 3+ years of experience of creating and fully managing high-profile social-media campaigns for leading-edge consumer products or celebrities, continuously tweaking strategies based on metrics. Ideally, some of your experience will have targeted independent-minded Chinese women.

You are highly accomplished at creating and curating innovative content that engages the hearts and minds of your target customers, and you have deep knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of current social-media tools and platforms and how to optimize those to a business plan.

You are a global and diverse talent, combining the traits of a writer/artist, scientist/technologist and businessperson. Yes, this is a rare combination, but Joy is a rare global talent and as a former CEO-headhunter, she is accustomed to working only with the best!

This is how you behave in your everyday work environment:

  • Writer/Artist: Using your extraordinary writing and design skills, you constantly generate new ideas, and convey those ideas in a clear and precise way in writing and in concert with photos and videos. As a result, you are exceptionally talented at building consumer trust and engagement.
  • Scientist/Technologist: You love to learn, you know what’s going on, you love technology, you love the future, and you constantly research and scan the environment for trends and opportunities. Through reading and through online and offline networking, you stay on top of what leading social influencers are doing, and how those factors affect your company. You constantly monitor the emotional and practical needs of your audience, and you live to fulfill those needs.
  • Businessperson: You adapt quickly and flexibly to our fast-changing world, always linking internal strategies to external trends, and focusing resources proactively on serving the market and setting up for the next opportunity. You prioritize well across multiple projects, under pressure and with attention to detail. You are proactive and resourceful, and react to developing social-media situations on a 24/7 basis.

You have exceptional English writing skills and are extremely fluent in American culture, either because you studied in America as a high school or undergraduate, or because you have spent many hours of watching American TV.

You are a professional driven by PASSION and PURPOSE. PASSION means you love to learn and you love to have fun and you love to love your work. PURPOSE means that you want to contribute to the world at your highest personal potential.

You are emotionally mature, friendly and approachable in online and offline interactions. You know that the most fun thing to do in life is to work with great friends to change the world.

You are a big fan of JOY, and you are hugely excited at the prospect that all the education, experience and contacts you have built up in your life and career up until now may have prepared you for this rare opportunity to work with a global icon on a life-changing mission.

Finally, you could be a woman, or a man, or any combination of gender-fluidity, and you could love anyone you like. Joy loves diversity!

Still reading?

If you feel you and this job are an amazing fit, we would love to hear from you! Please email us the following (in Chinese) to

  1. Your resume.
  2. A note outlining why you are for this job, and why you want this job. Please write this note in Chinese, and then translate it to English.
  3. Descriptions of three high-profile social-media campaigns for leading-edge consumer products or celebrities that you created and fully managed, and the time period you managed them. If during these times, you didn’t have sole responsibility, then detail what role you personally played, highlighting those contents you personally created. Include links so we can admire your work!

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear from you! ♡