How to Get Lucky in Your Career


Learn how to grab hold of the luck that surrounds you!


Joy is a corporate hotshot, political star and acclaimed author who scored one victory after another in her career. She advises you to overcome your self-doubt, expand your social networks, explore new worlds, and constantly focus on becoming ever more unique and valuable. In doing so, you surely will get lucky! China’s most celebrated angel investor Bob Xu says:

Let the ground-breaking new book How to Get Lucky in Your Career change your life!

Joy Chen is a globally-acclaimed Chinese-American author and former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles whose career has spanned four careers across three continents. Her ground-breaking new book, How to Get Lucky in Your Career, is based on her seven years working as a CEO headhunter for Fortune 500 global companies. The book is a step-by-step guide to acquiring the lucky breaks you need to pivot into a career of passion and purpose.

Born in the United States to immigrant parents, Joy began her career as a commercial real-estate developer. When Joy was age 31, luck came crashing into her life when she was appointed Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles. While Deputy Mayor, she worked in education and economic development for America’s 2nd-largest city. In this role, Joy spearheaded innovative education and economic development projects which are helping a generation of Californians gain access to the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

As her administration’s four-year term was coming to an end, Joy prepared to return to the real-estate industry, but in another lucky break, she was headhunted to become an elite corporate headhunter. In that role, Joy helped Fortune 500 and other global companies expand across the Americas, Europe and Asia by headhunting the CEOs and other top talent they needed.

During this time, Joy began a careers blog, in Chinese and English, to give Chinese study-abroad students inside advice on how to gain entrée into and climb up in global companies. The blog attracted a third stroke of luck, when Joy herself was headhunted to write a book of life strategy for Chinese women. The resulting book, Do Not Marry Before Age 30, became a best-seller across China and is helping a generation of modern Chinese women become more free and confident.

The success of Do Not Marry Before Age 30 launched Joy into a new career as a popular author, speaker and creator of pop-culture media in China.

Joy’s new book, How to Get Lucky in Your Career, is a practical guide to lucky breaks. In it, Joy points out that across myriad professions and geographies, the single thing that unites the lives of the thousands of highly-successful people she interviewed as a CEO-headhunter is that they, like her, enjoyed extraordinary lucky breaks, pivotal moments when luck turned their way, that they later point to and say, “And that’s when it all started.” How to Get Lucky in Your Career is a step-by-step guide to acquiring the lucky breaks you need in order to create a career filled with passion and purpose.

How to Get Lucky in Your Career will be available in Chinese in September 2017 as a print edition in China, and as an ebook in China and the United States. Publishing rights to the English edition have not yet been sold by the author.