Joy Chen

Chinese Women Turn to This American for Advice on Life and Love. —Wall Street Journal

Joy Chen is a superstar in China, the champion of young women known as “leftovers” — those who are still single in their mid-20s and scorned by all. —ABC News


Joy Chen is a writer and creator of books and new media for Chinese women. A former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and former CEO headhunter for Fortune 500 companies, she is on a mission to help 100 million Chinese women unleash their full potential in life.

Joy has been blessed with four careers on three continents. Born in the United States to immigrant parents, she began her career in Los Angeles as a commercial real-estate developer.  At age 31, Joy was appointed Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, covering education and workforce development for America’s 2nd-largest city. In this role, Joy spearheaded innovative workforce development projects which are helping a generation of Californians gain the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Following her stint in public service, Joy returned to the private sector as a CEO headhunter, serving helping Fortune 500 and other global companies across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Joy’s career in China began with the publication of her breakthrough best-seller, Do Not Marry Before Age 30, which is helping millions of Chinese women become more free and confident. Her second best-seller, How to Get Lucky in Your Career, draws on her years as a CEO headhunter, and is a guide to acquiring the lucky breaks you need to pivot into a career of passion and purpose.

Joy’s current book project is a semi-autobiographical web novel, The Headhunter, about an ordinary 29-year-old woman from a small city who becomes a CEO headhunter. By day, she headhunts CEOs for her client companies, and by night she hunts for her own for Mr. Right. The Huntress is being serialized across Joy’s WeChat Official Account, Weibo, Toutiao, Netease and other social-media channels.

Joy has partnered with many new-media platforms and publishers to create events, advertisements, viral videos, livestreams, online courses and other media to help Chinese women to listen to their inner voices, explore own full potential, and define their own lives.

In creating these works, her brand partners have included innovative local and global brands including Olay, Fancl, SK-II and Mercedes-Benz.

For her work in helping women realize their full potential, Joy has been honored as one of 10 Chinese Women of the Year by the All-China Women’s Federation.

Joy has been profiled as a modern Chinese female role model across news, business and fashion media including Vogue China, ELLE China, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CCTV, Marie Claire China, Esquire China, ABC News, OZY Media, Good Housekeeping China, Cosmopolitan China, and People’s Daily.

Joy earned MBA and M.A. in Urban Planning degrees from UCLA, and a BA from Duke University. She and husband Dave are blessed with two young daughters.

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On stage, celebrity Joy Chen is like a walking exclamation point. She speaks in rolling torrents and flashes a brillant white smile. Her poise and polish are hallmarks of her much vaunted sisterhood — call them the Alpha Females of China. Today, a hushed audience of tens of thousands of white-collar women — all young, educated, urban and all in black pumps — are eagerly eating up every word of her feminista rallying cry. “We don’t want to survive in society,” she says. “We want to lead society.” It’s a brazen decree with a lot of lofty ideals behind it. But with doe-eyed looks and a certain gal pal appeal, Chen is a modern-day Joan of Arc. If anyone could launch a feminist crusade in China, it’s Chen. “It will take a revolution from within,” she says, à la Gloria Steinem.” — OZY Media


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